Recommended Resume Layout

Your resume should be an effective tool in obtaining your next position. To maximize your results we suggest the following:

            Type your resume in MS Word format.
            Use adequate margins. (at least ½")  
            Do not use fancy text. (use San Serif fonts, 10pt minimum.)
            Use 8 1/2 x 11 white paper and black ink.
            Use a laser printer instead of dot matrix.
            Avoid boxes or complicated configurations such as columns.

Resume Do's

            List your achievements and or technical skills summary first.
            Be clear and concise.
            List all employers with dates.
            List all certifications and degrees.
            List your experience in chronological order - your current job first.
            Provide a resume that is easy to scan for resume databases.
            Begin your sentences with action verbs.
            Omit needless items.

Resume Dont's

           Don't include personal references.
           Don't include hobbies or interests.
           Do not underline words.
           Don't use colored paper.
           Don't refer to yourself in the third person.
           Don't include your Social Security Number.
           Don't give your age or date of birth.
           Don't use your photograph.
           Don't exaggerate your experience.
           Don't use complicated configurations.

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Resume Styles

Chronological: This style lists employers and job history/accomplishments in reverse chronological order (most current position first). The chrono- logical resume style is considered the industry norm.

Functional: The functional resumes is organized by your primary functional skills (e.g. project management, develop -ment, support, training, etc.). You can document positions, responsibilities and significant ac- complishments by functional category. This style will also include emp- loyer names and dates of employment. Functional resumes are best suited for candidates that have more experience (8+ years) and/or candidates who have only worked for a few employers.

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