Professional Recruiters Inc.(PRI) was started in 1989 by Robert Reinitz (President). We invite you to click HERE to find out more about PRI's founder.

PRIworks strictly "employer fee" opportunities.

PRIlikes to set up a partnership approach to hiring problems. Surfacing candidates for an opportunity is a very small part of what we do. We setup all the interviews, debrief both sides after an in terview to be sure proper communication happens.

PRIhates SURPRISES!    Bob invests a considerable amount of time coaching candidates and employers on interviewing techniques in order to ensure that the employer and the new employee discover exactly what each other's expectations are. We want to make long term placements.

PRIhas many years of problem solving experience. We want to be certain that both sides are happy with the outcome.

PRIhates wasting time. When possible PRI likes to do all the first interviews for an employer. We only want to present qualified/interested candidates to serious employers who have quality opportunities.


PRIprefers working on High-Tech Industrial sales/marketing oriented positions such as:

  • Presidents
  • Major Account Managers
  • Vice Presidents
  • Sales Engineers
  • General Managers
  • Accounts Representatives
  • Division Managers
  • Sales Engineers
  • National Sales Managers
  • Application Engineers
  • Product Managers
  • Insides Sales Representatives
  • Regional Managers
  • Customer Service Managers


PRIspecializes in recruiting electrical, electronic, high-tech, sales/marketing positions primarily in the industrial/commercial markets.

PRI clients and candidates would typically be involved either in hardware, software, or services for:

  •  Factory automation systems
  •  Sensors for position, color, speed, weight, etc.
  •  Process control systems
  • Process control instruments for flow, temperature, pressure, etc.
  •  Test equipment: VOM's to systems that simulate, record & test in various environments
  •  Electronic components
  •  Audio equipment
  •  Video equipment
  •  Subcontract assembly
  •  Product test/verification
  •  Product repair

PRI does NOT work in the telecom, datacomm, or office automation markets.

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